Veterinary Dental Wet Labs Tennessee

Get expert hands-on wet lab training to take your veterinary practice to the next level.

Our one-on-one and small group wet labs are led by an experienced board certified veterinary dentist and oral surgeon to help you and your team experience real-life veterinary dentistry scenarios.

Veterinary Dental Wet Labs Tennessee
Wet labs are among the most critical dental training courses for veterinarians & technicians.

Wet labs are among the most critical dental training courses for veterinarians & technicians.

You and your team will receive hands-on training in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery procedures, dental radiography, local blocks, and anesthesia during our wet labs training sessions. Training in this area encompasses interpreting x-rays and treating diseases using top-of-the-line techniques and dental imaging equipment.

Training that’s customized to fit your training

We will accommodate your schedule and tailor an experience specific to the needs of you and your staff whether that means conducting training sessions in the morning, afternoon, evening or even on weekends.

Start solving dental problems encountered in your small animal practice.

Get started solving dental problems your team encounters everyday in your small animal practice.

Oral disease is one of the most prevalent maladies in dogs and cats. Fortunately, it is one of the most preventable ailments as well. Advanced training provides well-rounded knowledge of small animal dental care and oral surgery solutions for your veterinary practice.

Train in-person or virtually.

While there is no substitute for in-person, hands-on training, ALL our lectures are available virtually by Dr. Keith Stein, our world class veterinary dentist. Dr. Stein is also available after each presentation for additional support via phone, Zoom, video conferencing, etc.

Oral Hygiene Procedure: Beginner's Guide

Oral Hygiene Procedure:
Beginner’s Guide

This class will give you and your veterinary technicians the skills required to provide a good cleaning procedure and identify oral pathology.

Step-by-Step Dental Cleaning Procedure

Dental Probing

Instrument Selection, Use, and Maintenance

Dental Equipment

Oral Pathology

Dental Charting

Understanding the Anatomy

Simple & Advanced Surgical Extractions

Designed for the general practitioner, this course provides the foundation of knowledge required to proceed with simple and advanced extraction techniques. Areas to be covered in this course include:

Identifying the Need for Extractions

When NOT to Extract

Alternatives to Extraction

When to Refer

Tooth Sectioning

Mucoperiosteal Flap Techniques

Bone Removal


Local Nerve Blocks

Suture Selection

Tooth Resorption and Ankylosis

Equipment Choices and Selection

Simple & Advanced Surgical Extractions
Dental Radiology

Dental Radiology

Our Dental Radiography training course is for veterinarians and technicians, and covers the following:

Radiation Physics

Radiograph Positioning

Radiograph Interpretation

Radiation Health Safety and Protection

Digital Radiology: DR vs. CR

Sensor Selection

Generator Selection

Dental Radiology Interpretation

Through this training in Radiographic Interpretation practitioners will increase their knowledge of dental pathology and diagnosis by examining case studies.

Dental Radiology Interpretation
Feline Dentistry

Feline Dentistry

In this course, veterinarians gain more confidence with feline dentistry. The course will focus on the need for extractions as well as proper and effective techniques, including:

Tooth Resorption

Luxators vs. Elevators


Indications for Crown Amputation

Fractured Teeth

Full-mouth and Quadrant Surgery

Extraction Complications

Local Anesthesia Strategies

The various techniques and approaches for the local anesthetic blocks you need to complement a balanced anesthetic protocol are demonstrated in this course.


Choice of Anesthetic

Combining Drugs for Local Nerve Blocks

Local Anesthetic Strategies
Anesthesia Protocols & Monitoring

Anesthesia Protocols & Monitoring

This course is aimed at making the anesthesia period as safe as possible and provides a practical framework for delivering proper anesthesia care before, during, and after procedures.

Our partners in delivering this training are veterinary anesthesia specialists (VTS-Anesthesia) who help train your staff and provide in-hospital case management.

This session guides you through the continuum of anesthesia and monitoring, reinforcing the concept that “anesthesia starts and ends at home” and is not just the time that your patient is on the table.

Gain the knowledge and skills to create individualized anesthetic protocols for your patients including:

Which chronic medications to discontinue and which to give prior to anesthesia

Supplements that may affect anesthesia

Using oral anxiolytics

Use of Constant Rate Infusions
Blood Pressure Measurement and Correction
Preoperative, Perioperative, and Postoperative Analgesic Strategies
Troubleshoot common anesthetic complications
Increase the vigilance with which your veterinary technicians monitor your patients
Confidently partner with pet owners in the care of their pets, before and after anesthesia

Dentistry for Technicians

Pre-Anesthetic Considerations

Dental Anatomy

Cleaning, Polishing, and Charting

Dental X-ray Positioning

Equipment Selection and Maintenance

Basic Pathology

Postoperative Considerations

Dentistry for Technicians
Immersive Weekend

Immersive Weekend

Fully immerse yourself, your associates, and your staff in the world of veterinary dentistry. Let us take you through the entire dental journey with training directed by Dr. Stein, our dental technicians, and our anesthesia specialists. Work in smaller groups and then come together as a team to work through real life situations.

Plenty of time to learn from the best, but also plenty of time to unwind, relax, and talk shop in an informal setting at our beautiful facility. Special events will be planned for the group to enhance bonding and heighten the experience.

Anesthesia for Technicians

This four-hour lab experience is led by our anesthesia specialists and is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of anesthetic principles and disease-specific considerations for your patients.

Proper Drug Selection
Anesthetic / Analgesic Medications and Selection
Monitoring parameters
Blood Pressure Maintenance
Equipment troubleshooting and maintenance
Regional anesthesia and CRI calculations
Recovery considerations
Anesthesia for Technicians

We provide assistance with lodging accommodations to save you time and money.

We would happy to assist with making reservations near our facility, which is located within walking distance of dining, shopping, and nightlife.

Visiting from out of town?

No need to rent a car. We can provide transportation to and from the airport. Please inquire at the time of booking your experience.

Allow us to work around your schedule.

Learn advanced skills and techniques at your convenience when you and your staff can be fully focused.

Gain specialized dental treatment and oral surgery expertise with our training, support, and encouragement.

Schedule a Discovery Call

Schedule a Discovery Call

Our first call will allow us to determine your basic needs and start a dialogue on the needs of your individual practice.

On-Site Dental Practice Evaluation

On-Site Dental Practice Evaluation

We’ll come to your facility and take a deep dive into your level of staff experience, dental processes, and equipment needs.

On-Site Dental Practice Evaluation

Create a Plan of Action

Based on our evaluation, we’ll propose recommendations based on the individual needs of your practice. We’ll guide you through each step of the process.

Guide New Dental Processes

Guide New Dental Processes

We’ll personally guide you through improvements in training, dental processes and equipment integration. We will continue to be your resource during and after implementation.

Our clients love us... and we love them!

Veterinary Testimonial

“Wonderful experience with Dr. Stein and two of my dogs. He's so knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate. He took the time to explain the situations clearly and concisely at a level I could understand. Always open for questions and made sure I had the information necessary to make an informed decision. HIGHLY recommend this specialist and feel fortunate to have him in our area. Thrilled you now have your own facility, Dr. Stein!”

Nora Sewell

Veterinary Testimonial

“When our family vet discovered that my cat, Munchkin, was experiencing teeth resorption and likely was in pain, she recommended Dr. Stein to remove the deteriorating teeth. He and his wonderfully caring and attentive staff treated Munchkin like one of their own. They kept me fully informed about the procedures and what to expect. The surgery was successful, and my cat recovered without any problems. I can't thank Dr. Stein and his folks enough for their top-notch professional treatment.”

Bill Hudgins

Veterinary Testimonial

“I really have to thank [Dr. Stein and staff] for the amazing job they do every day in caring for our furry loved ones. They really have improved the health and wellbeing of my little guy, Turner. He has probably lived with dental disease and pain for a number of years. The change I see in him since his treatment is completely for the better. Turner is at least 14 years old and he is like a puppy again!”

Brian Harrison

Veterinary Testimonial

“Since the first time I met Dr Stein on a professional basis he has been a great resource to me and the other veterinarians in our practice. He was instrumental in helping us set up our dental suite from the beginning. He is always available and eager to help with our cases anytime we call for a consultation. Our clients that we have referred to him have relayed back to us how professional thorough and kind he and his staff have been to them and their pets. As I have further been able to meet with him on a personal basis I have found him to be very approachable and eager to share his knowledge.”

Dr. Douglas (Bo) Crabtree, DVM